Custom Bras and Tailor Made Lingerie

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a perfect ‘industry standard’ or ‘off the peg’ bra size, sooner or later you’re going to suffer a nightmare bra shopping day. Fitelle was founded to provide ladies of all sizes with a service that would cater to their own personal bra fitting requirements. By creating a bra that is your true size and not 'standard' sizes mass produced for the manufacturers convenience, our clients may experience the comfort they’ve always longed for.
Fitelle are based in Woolhampton Berkshire (between Reading and Newbury). To book an appointment, or for further information: contact us


Forget standard sizes

Finding your size just isn't as easy as A,B,C! Off the peg bra manufacturers would love you to believe it was, but at fitelle we take a much different approach...

Bra Sizes


Tailors Shears

To the drawing board! Following an initial consultation to assess your needs, Your measurements are used to draft a pattern that is 100% unique to you...

bra pattern drafting


Bra Fitting

Our aim is to produce a high quality, unique, and perfectly fitting garment. To ensure that as a client you are 100% happy, we'll first produce a toile...

Bra Fitting



Drop us a line or give us a call to book a consultation, or to ask for further details about our service...

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